How I Work

I am a creative marketer that’s grounded in a foundation of data analysis. I enjoy copiously gathering, sifting and sorting through mounds of data, figuring out how to supplement it, and assembling bits of meaning together to form a coherent story about what is happening to customers and how to improve their experience.

The magic happens when I’m able to absorb all of these nuggets of information and translate them into the bigger story that helps clarify and shape the company vision. This happens through a process – first a meeting with all the stakeholders to discuss and solidify our objectives. Next, an explanation on which KPIs that the entire organization should focus on in order to drive forward toward those goals with focus. Finally, proceeding on the journey, observing all of our measurements but with a finger in the air to detect the changing winds, and tweak our path as we move forward.

I enjoy working both from within a company as an employee and also as an outside consultant where I can quickly dive into the work but still give an outsider perspective. Often applying insights from other industries can illuminate a new path forward from sticky problems that seem unmeasurable and confusing.

To me, the most important part is discovering authentic human motivators and experiences. Knowing we can impact experiences for the better when we understand what motivates users and customers’ needs. And using technology to improve the lives of all users.

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